Restaurant and Lodge Cacciatori, in the green mountain pasture of Esino Lario, with views of Lake Como

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Lake Como is famous for the numerous villas located on its shores and the mountains around it offering several suggestions for tours and walks or mountain bike.

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Cacciatori Restaurant and Lodge is situated in the picturesque hills above Lake Como, in Esino Lario adjacent to Varenna. We pride ourselves on offering a wide range of high quality local mountain specialities. Situated in a panoramic position, at the base of the Northern Grigna, our small stone and wood inn conserves the warmth and welcome of a typical traditional alpine lodge… At its origins, in 1956, CACCIATORI was a small mountain lodge that offered cover to hikers and hunters. Wine, bread and cheese were offered with kindness. Mrs. Annetta, the inn founder, enriched and widened the selection of food available, introducing hot dishes and Polenta . Through the years, thanks to her son Samuele, an aspiring chef, Mrs Annetta’s lodge went from success to success. The small inn enjoys a positive local reputation and provides a varying and ample choice of traditional mountain food, to all its customers. Since childhood Mrs Annetta’s son Samuele was deeply interested in food, he decided to follow in her footsteps and learned all he could from her. During the seventies, he went to Milan and eventually became head chef for the Giannini restaurant. After some years he returned to his childhood home and took over the family restaurant and lodge. These two experiences make the CACCIATORI cuisine a good mix of traditional and modern flavours.